The Rud-Alpe over Lech - time to stop off


Arlberg Classic Car Rally 2015

Our partner Mercedes Benz invites you to spend a joyful evening in the rustique alpine Rud hut high up in the Lech mountains. Time Schedule ARLBERG CLASSIC Car Rally 2015 – more here The first section of ARLBERG CLASSIC Car Rally starts with the traditonal prologue through the „Lech Canyon“ on a winding section that is closed to the public …

„Fest am Berg“ am Sonntag den 10. August 2014 ab 11:00 Uhr bei Rüfikopf Panoramarestaurant

  „Auch heuer findet wieder das „Fest am Berg“ beim Panoramarestaurant Rüfikopf statt.   Für Ihre Unterhaltung sorgt die Partyband „Alpenstarkstrom“ Beginn 11:00 Uhr. Natürlich ist auch für das leibliche Wohl gesorgt.  Gratis Berg- und Talfahrt, Betriebsführungen bei der Rüfikopfbahn, Hüpfburg, Kinderschminken. Wir würden uns sehr über Ihr kommen freuen!   


Rud-Alpe with new homepage

Now it is the time – the Rud-Alpe has a new homepage which is online now. Everybody has the chance here to make impressions to himself of the amazing atmosphere on the mountain or to bask in memories of last winter. Moreover the palate can also be stimulated through a short visit on our homepage – beyond the current meals …


Saison start 2012

Now nothing is against an impressive seasons start at Lech. Snow is already here – and this in abundance. Mother Hulda was very generous with snow. Punctually to the opening there is moreover the new website of the Rud-Alpe. Guests can already visit the homepage and get a foretaste of a great skiing day with even greater breaks for eating …