The Rud-Alpe over Lech - time to stop off

Setting new standards in the ski hut sector – that is the big goal we have set ourselves with the Rud-Alpe. Has is not always been the Arlberg that has time and time again been the place to set new gastronomic standards for decades. Likewise, we feel it is our duty at the Rud-Alpe to carry on this tradition.

The Rud-Alpe is an original Arlberg ski hut which in many ways ensures that all wishes can be fulfilled. With regard to the architecture and dimensions and them being left unchanged in their historical remaining structure – the traditional rooms, an open fireplace and period furniture of antique wood make the guest feel that he has taken a step back into the “good old times”. Loving details such as the wrought iron ornamental door and window mountings also create a lot of atmosphere, as do the old wooden ceilings or floors made of pine and stone.

A generously-sized sun terrace equipped with comfortable, specially designed and crafted solid furniture offers the guest the opportunity to make the most of the late afternoon sun, both in the summer and winter.

Alongside preserving the existing wooden structure as far as possible, almost all of the additional wood used came from four original Alpine huts. The average age of the timber used is therefore around 200 years old. For the restoration of the Rud-Alpe the almost long forgotten local timber know-how of older members of the population was called upon.

This meant that for the relatively small part of the static building construction, it was timber that came from the same altitude as the Rud-Alpe and which had been cut in the right lunar phase that was put to use. Long-term, this method guarantees optimal inner timber stability. The use of plastics and varnish as well as chemical insulating materials was forgone. Instead, in consistent continuation of our sustainable philosophy, natural oils were used in the case of treatments of surfaces – sheep’s wool was put to use for the heat insulation. The excellent cuisine, a well sorted wine cellar, the friendly Lederhosen-clad staff – all guests being served at their tables – are other factors which turn a visit to the hut into a very special occasion. Making do without unnecessary or kitschy decorations makes the Rud-Alpe that what it’s always been and what it has remained to be up till the present day: a hut.