Now it is the time – the Rud-Alpe has a new homepage which is online now. Everybody has the chance here to make impressions to himself of the amazing atmosphere on the mountain or to bask in memories of last winter. Moreover the palate can also be stimulated through a short visit on our homepage – beyond the current meals our new wine list is also available on our homepage. Gourmets of wine could inform about the current offer of wines and plan an unforgettable evening through this. But this is not everything – hence reservations can be execute online in an easy and fast way. Concluding there is important information for our modern guests – the homepage is also optimized for mobile phones and tablets. Hopefully now there is thought about everything and the team of the Rud-Alpe wish a lot of fun with the new homepage on a virtual discovery travel. Maybe it will end with a personal visit on our Alpe.



Of course the Rud-Alpe is also on facebook. There are current information and posts about the Alpe. Thus (future) guests are always informed what is going on in the mountains and what is new. The team of the Rud-Alpe is therefore informed what guests like and what could be made better. We are looking forward about your „likes“ and your comments.